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Because we are mommies too.


Shanice,  mom to a 4 month old boy

A NTU graduate specialising in Maths, Shanice has a passion in teaching kids and tutoring Maths to all levels. Like all mom, Shanice wants to give the best to her boy by ensuring he's exposed to the right development and learning education. She takes up readings on the Montessori, Shichida teaching methods. She bought books from other subscription service and bookstores but found the books delivered to her far too ahead for her boy's age group. In addition, the services are priced too expensive.

Together with her sister Shernice, they set up One Happy Book to provide an affordable reading experience to all mommies.



Shernice, mom to a 2 years old girl

A Singaporean mom residing in Indonesia Palembang, Shernice wants to ensure her girl is exposed to similar bilingual environment in Singapore. When she could not find equivalent english books suitable for her girl in Palembang, she decides to work together with her sister to bring young children books into Palembang.

That kickstarts the journey of One Happy Book. Also a NTU graduate, Shernice had been a private tutor for 7 years teaching P1 kids to Sec4 teens before she moves to Indonesia. When she was staying in Singapore, she enrolled her girl for various development and learning classes and have since implemented these concepts in curating the books.

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