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Reading and storytelling with your child not only promotes brain development and imagination, it also improves their vocabulary and language skills which are essentially for their daily interaction with peers in school. Nurture your child with a love for reading and this will have a great impact to their future.

One Happy Book does not believe in a "one shoe fit all" concept. We believe kids develop and learn at different phases of their growing months and years, especially the first 24 months. Different book serves different purposes in a kid's growing stages.


Birth to 6 months: Since an infant's vision is still developing, we choose books with little or no text and big, high-contrast pictures. We also consider books with interactive stuff, such as puppets, mirrors, or peepholes.

7 months to 12 months: To prepare your little one for his or her first speech, we choose books with objects or person that’s relatable is best. Example, “doggy”, “mummy”, “daddy”, “milk”, “bottles”, “hands”.

13 to 18 months: We will introduce books with a sentence or two per page. The sillier you are while acting out the story, the better. For instance, if you're reading about animals, make animal noises.

19 to 24 months: Many toddlers find the familiar routine of reading reassuring and calming. Choose books that allow a conversation between the parents and the children.

What's inside One Happy Book's Reading Package

One Happy Book's subscription service creates fun learning experience to your little ones as they are exposed to a wide selection of books that are especially curated to their age and development stages.


Our books vary from storyboard books, picture books, sticker books to wipe-clean learning activity book.


Touch and feel book & Sound books

Activity books to prepare them for school

Interactive books to stimulate imagination and conversation

One Happy Book's Subscription Plans

Choose from different subscription options (1 month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month plan), our young readers will receive 2-3 carefully curated books monthly that suit their learning and development stage. Let us know your kid's interests and we will try to create a personalised reading package for them.

To allow parents to try out our service, we have introduced a 1 month trial subscription. And if you are looking for a special gift for a little one, our 1 month subscription serves as a best form of gift.

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